Why Do You Have Headaches When You Stop Drinking Coffee?

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You’ve probably heard of people complaining about getting headache from drinking too much coffee, coke, tea and other stimulants like chocolates.

And most likely, these people also complain from having headaches once they suddenlySTOP getting the said stimulants in their body. Withdrawing stimulants like caffeine from the system triggers “rebound headaches” which can cause you chronic and long-time problems. Aside from caffeine in coffee, theophylline in tea, nicotine in cigarettes, sudden withdrawal of the medications you are taking may also cause rebound headaches.

Rebound headaches are a sign that the substances you are ingesting frequently are doing your body more harm than good.  When suffering from chronic severe headaches, people often find some relief in pain killers. Little do they know that these pain killers are just similar with the stimulants that when withdrawn, can cause rebound headaches.

In the past, headaches like this were blamed on stress or tension. But generally, rebound headaches occur about 12-24 hours after the last intake of the stimulant.

One study found that 52% of patients who were deprived of their regular intake of coffee came down with a headache, while 13% got such bad headaches that they broke from the study and resumed consumption of coffee.

Common characteristics: generalized headache, steady jolts of pain, can be similar to migraine, throbbing. The person may also suffer from anxiety, restlessness, nervousness, irritability, depression, fatigue, mood swings, nausea, intolerance for light, noise, or movement; tender scalp; insomnia

Duration: 1 hour to 1 day

Frequency: usually occurs in the morning after waking; rarely or continuously.

Suggested Care Plan: Detoxification Therapy

The liver is the organ that metabolizes (or breaks down) drugs and substances like caffeine. Overworking the liver for years can cause it to weaken and get overburdened with toxic substances. Detox therapy plus taking supplements that support the liver are probably the biggest thing that you can do to gradually get rid of rebound headaches. The following are especially helpful:

  • Colon Cleanse
  • Enemas
  • Fasting
  • Herbal Bowel Cleansers
  • Special Detoxification Diets

Gradually decreasing your coffee (or other stimulant) intake is most beneficial in getting rid of rebound headaches in the long run. It is like retraining your body to function properly without the addictive substances. Gradual decrease is emphasized so you don’t have to suffer from terrible headaches during the process.

As for your diet, increase intake of food rich in

  • calcium– tofu, hard cheese, milk, and almonds are good sources of calcium
  • magnesium– examples of food rich in magnesium are broccoli, nuts, black beans, and spinach
  • vitamin C– citrus foods like oranges and lemons are great sources of vitamin C. and
  • vitamin B complex (especially vitamin B6)– examples of food rich in B complex are liver, beef, tuna, and avocados.

If you suspect that you have headaches related to withdrawal from caffeine or other stimulants, the recommendations above would help you.

However, the most common headaches are associated with misalignments in the spine (especially in the neck). So if you are suffering from terrible headaches and some neck discomfort (especially neck pain WITH back pain), you may need to have your neck checked for “subluxations” or mis-alignments.

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What Can A Chiropractor Do For You If You Have SEVERE Back Pain

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If you’re not yet in severe pain, great! You need to get help before you get to the point where you can’t even get out of the bed in the morning.

However, most people don’t take their pain seriously until it gets REALLY serious.

If you are currently in the SEVERE state, where you can’t even turn or bend without suffering from too much pain, then you need to continue reading below:

Chiropractic can help relieve back pain. No question about that. But for some people who can’t even get in and out of the bed because they are in so much pain, they may wonder: how can a Chiropractor “adjust” a VERY PAINFUL back.

Great question! As a nurse in a Chiropractic office, I ALWAYS see people in terrible pain. Some of them could not even open the door, some could not sit or stand or turn to their sides without exclaiming! For a chiropractor to manually adjust the spine, the patient needs to be in a chiropractic table and has to turn to  2 or 3 different positions. You can only imagine the pain if it’s the only way to adjust the spine.

Thanks to technology today, though, we have ways to adjust the spine without causing discomfort. Chiropractic instruments like the adjustor, percussor, and cold lasers are definitely helpful in cases of severe back pains.

  • The Adjustor– helps get the spine re-aligned using simple percussing movements up and down the spine. For more information on the Adjustor, click here.
  • The Percussor– vibrates to loosen the tight muscles in the back. Muscle spasms make it hard to re-align the bone so the Percussor is one of the most important tools every chiropractor should have. For more information on the Percussor, click here.
  • Cold Lasers– helps the body heal a lot quicker. FDA approved Cold Lasers are also proven effective on decreasing inflammation and pain. For more information on cold lasers, click here.

You may be wondering… So, what can a patient with severe back pain expect on their first visit?

All these instruments and other tools our Chiropractor has in the office are so cool that our clients need not dread getting in and out of the table and shifting to different positions while they are still hurting big time. What we do is decrease the pain first using chiropractic instruments… Afterwards, when the client is ready for manual adjustments, the they are adjusted manually. (Just so we’re in the same page, manual adjustments are when you usually hear the “popping” or “cracking” of the back, followed by some  instantaneous relief from pain.)

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Minor Car Accidents Cause Major Health Problems

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A Minor Car Accident?

Even a minor car accident can have major ill effects on your health. For some, it may be weeks, or months, or even years before the problems show up. And by then, it may be too late to prevent your greatest loss– your health.

Impact and Your Spine

A person’s head weighs about 7 to 11 lbs and it sits on the most flexible (and fragile) part of the spine, the neck. Although the neck looks short, it actually contains 32 joints that stretch to move our head in different directions.  If overstretched (Figure 1) after the head is thrown at certain directions during impact, the neck joints can easily get injured.

Figure 1.

If these joints are stretched or strained beyond their normal limits, they can lose their ability to return to their original length. It’s like a rubber band that has been stretched too far.


When a cars collide or hit each other, thousands of pounds of force are exerted upon the neck and spine of the passengers.

The head, which is very heavy as compared to the neck, is thrust toward the hitting vehicle. Then the muscles stretch and react with a violent spasm in the opposite direction. The painful results are injuries to the muscles, ligaments, nerves, and sometimes bones.

A survivor of the wreck is not necessarily alright if he or she doesn’t have any broken bones. Painless chiropractic care is necessary to realign bones of the spine and restore the integrity of the ligaments, joints, and muscles.

How About If You Break a Bone?

When a bone is broken, it heals with a bone and becomes stronger than before. But when soft tissue heals, scar tissues are formed (which are a lot weaker and less resistant than soft tissue). You can compare it to a bruised apple, it never returns to its original state.

The Consequences of Minor Car Accidents?

Minor injuries to the joints, muscles, and ligaments in the neck which are not corrected can cause problems like whiplash, neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain (as your neck greatly affects your low back!), headaches, neurological problems, and a lot more.

How to get your spine checked after an accident:

As mentioned earlier, even minor car accidents should never be ignored because they can cause long term spinal problems (especially in the neck). So before you suffer from terrible consequences, right after your injury, get your spine checked. Chiropractors will usually provide rapid relief from the symptoms of accident distress and eliminate the cause of the problem by employing comfortable corrective measures.

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How Do You Unwind Your Tired Muscles?

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Are you stressed but busy and have no time to get a massage? So how do you unwind your tight muscles after a long day at work? Here’s how:

a. Lie down or sit in a comfortable chair. Get your whole body relaxed… Inhale in and out slowly 3 times.

b. Slowly clench your right hand and forearm or tighten the muscles. Hold it tight for 5 seconds.

c. After 5 seconds, slowly relax your arm and let it go limp.

d. Do this on the same on the other hand.

e. Notice the contrast between the sensations of tension and relaxation in those muscles.

f. Next: Bend your right elbow, tense your biceps and hold the tension for 5 seconds. Then release it.

g. Feel the sensation of your muscles relaxing…

h. Repeat the exercise on the other arm.

i. Continue this sequence of tensing and releasing different muscle groups throughout your body. We suggest the following sequence: hands and forearm, biceps (upper arm), shoulders, back muscles, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, legs, feet, and toes.

j. Take time to enjoy the sensations of the contrast between tenses and relaxed muscles.

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The FACT about the ONE-MINUTE BACK PAIN FIX: It Can Be Done!

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Hello guys!

Our website, www.chiropracticinthephilippines.com has undergone serious changes.

Something related to the upcoming New Year.

And part of our SERIOUS effort to inform people that they should not treat their

back problems lightly…

Did you know that simple back pain can end up bad if you hold on to it for a long time?

At first… you will feel just the pain… some muscle cramps…

maybe something you would describe as discomfort.

Then as time goes on.. it gets a little bit worse.

Especially on a cold, rainy morning.. or in women, during their menstrual period.

Then… headaches start to appear… shoulder pain… leg cramps…

All because of a simple back pain that was not corrected.

And here’s the kicker: IT CAN STILL GET WORSE!

If terrible migraines are not bad enough, believe me it can get worse (back pain can be deadly!)

Because of the fact that when your back hurts,

it’s not actually your bones or muscles that are complaining.


The nervous system signals you that in that certain area of your back, it is irritated, pinched, compressed.

It’s trying to grab your attention. Just like when you burn your finger and it hurts,

same signal is honked out from your back as pain when your nerve is in danger.

But the good news is:

A One-Minute Back Pain Fix CAN BE DONE!


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The Toxic Aspartame

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Aspartame is an artificial sweetener: a processed food classified as an excitotoxin. Excitotoxins excite the body at a toxic level that causes damage to the neurons. Aspartame has similar effects to Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).

We have all probably heard some kind of information related to the BAD effects of aspartame. But still, millions of people drink diet sodas, eat ice creams, and use the “sugar substitute” for household consumption…

Despite the fact that these “diet” products don’t really work to help anybody lose weight! Have you ever wondered why despite all these “diet” products, the world population get fatter and fatter as time goes by?

Here are some short facts about “diet” products:

  1. Companies who make “diet” products needed a zero-calorie sweetener that wouldn’t really make anybody lose weight. Here’s why: the fatter the people are, the more buyers they would have! It’s all about the market and the money.
  2. Aspartame is chemically addicting. Thus, ensuring their sales.
  3. These products have long shelf life. Meaning, they don’t spoil quickly. The longer the shelf life, the bigger their profits would be.
  4. The chemicals needed to make these “artificial” sweetener almost cost nothing! They are really cheap that manufacturers are making huge money off of using them instead of real sugar.

Having read all those short facts may not totally convince you to eliminate (or decrease bigtime) your consumption of products with artificial sweetener… But, next time you take a sip of your diet soda, hope you’ll think about your odds.


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